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Love and Fear in the Work Place:

In the Bank, fear is the prime motivator.

Fear of destitution, of powerlessness, of actual hunger and more.

The trick for the everyday banker is to see and appreciate the power of fear and love within the context of the company.

If one can begin to see each and every interaction within the context of love or fear, then one can begin to find acceptance of what is versus what is not.

When we see ‘what is’, we see an unconditional acceptance and abiding of whatever is going on versus a conditional acceptance. This conditional response is better known as an unmet expectation on the verge of becoming a very expensive and corrosive commodity known as a resentment for what is not meeting our expectation of what we want here and now, in the past, and in the future – all of which is completely out of our sphere of influence to control in any way.

Therefore, if one can navigate the shoals of unmet expectations with a healthy regard and acceptance of ‘what is’, one begins to live a life worth living, of lower stress caused by fewer fearful imaginings fueled by imaginary scarcities masquerading as ‘what is not’ and ‘what should/could be’ to fulfill our expectations and thus quell our slipping into resentments which will eventually bring forth a reactive behavior pattern response designed to obscure the painful suffering of being triggered by a childhood trauma played out time and time again with slow or rapid lethality.


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