Big John Shearer is a lively ambassador and interpreter of vintage acoustic folk & blues.
What they are saying about Big John Shearer
George Grove of the Kingston Trio ‚Äč

"I remember 'Big' John's lustrous bass vocals and facility with the upright bass from fifty years ago. Now he brings a solid moving guitar style to his performances which, when I last heard him live, sounded like the work of a Nashville sideman. I've retired but hope to see him on the road playing the old favorites which complement KT's own well known repertoire."

Alan R. Hall-The Chapel Hill News

"some of the very best blues to be had in the Triangle. . . absolutely star-class . . . musical treat of the first degree. . . virtuoso musician"

Philip Van Vleck- The Herald-Sun - Durham, NC

“rich baritone with a special feel for cabaret style of blues...quite atmospheric and mellow...very real and deep understanding of what he’s doing."

Terry L. Weaver, President, Master Sales Institute

"If someone asked me to describe the word "Professional" I would simply hand them a snapshot of you performing in front of 80 of our sales and marketing directors and guests at the Aces Academy a couple of weeks back! The one thing that impressed me so much, John, is that you cared. You didn't just stand up there to collect a check and do your deal. You sang with your heart."

Cecilia Rolando, Director, Northern Lakes Arts Association

"Dear John, as Director of Ely's Northern Lakes Arts Association I wish to extend my congratulations and thanks to you and your group, for the exceptional concert experience on June 26, here in Ely, Minnesota, at Washington Auditorium. John, I was especially impressed with your ability to lose yourself in a song, and so enjoyed the fine musicianship. Your personal love of this music is apparent; it makes for a marvelous performance. Also, I found it enjoyable working with you to arrange the event. You went above and beyond to make it work. Thank you."

The late Michael Hooker, Chancellor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Dear John, I was delighted to catch a couple of your numbers at the Carolina Club. I'm pleased that you were such a hit. The audience seemed to be having a great time"

Larry Sciortino - Seattle, WA

"What a treat you have sent us. Sounds wonderful. You must be very pleased with the entire package you've produced, starting with your soulful, beautiful renderings of the songs, including the brilliant photography, and all the way through to the liner notes.  It's wonderful listening, and a smile generating bonanza. Thanks for the music, it is a gem I treasure."

Shirl and Merle/Black Dragon Videographers

We finally got a DVD drive to rip your CD, and just listened to it front to back. May I say - I have heard pretty much all of these songs before, but I heard things on the CD that I had never heard before.  It was stunningly artistic. I was just blown away.  Maybe it was Jerry’s genius, and your genius and the Spirit touching the whole project, whatever it was - it was magic. Your voice had such a powerful and yet tender quality. It was obvious that you were very comfortable in your natural range.

Charles from Birmingham, Alabama

"You made our reunion dinner special. Your love of music is sincere, and it is both beautiful to hear and to watch you as you play and sing. I’m sure everyone present joins me in saying,thank you."

Ira David Wood, III  Raleigh, NC

"Loved the CD!  In fact, Brent and I were talking about it on Friday. I’ll be happy to send Evan one. In fact, she and little Jack may come to Raleigh for my birthday next month. If so, they’ll be here for parade day and you can give her one in person!"


"I flew yesterday over to KSCR for an oil change and was delighted to find the CD that you left for me on the wing.  I listened last evening and it was very enjoyable and relaxing. As one who enjoys music but has no talent to create it, I always appreciate folks such as you who are musicians. Thank you so much for sharing."

Dale and Sarah Swan, house concert hosts

"John put on a fabulous show. He has a great bass voice and plays a wonderful blues guitar. He plays a lot of Josh White as well as other older blues favorites and mixes in some jazz and a little Latin music as well. But the best part of his performance was his presence on the stage. He literally enchanted the audience.  His enthusiasm and love for what he does infect the crowd. Many were sorry to see the end of the show. We can heartily recommend Big John Shearer for any upcoming concerts you may be contemplating."

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