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Wonder Of It All is a way of living and an essential shorthand tool reminding us of who and what we have been, are, and will be in our experience of life ongoing. The tool provides steady influence in the ebb and flow of our lives and helps to center us both in the good times and the not so good.


The essential nature of the WOIA provides constant awareness of the truth within and outside ourselves which will aim us away from the destructive reefs and rocks of fear-based thinking/behavior. This favors a course full of forgiveness and compassion, leading us to the light of love-based living rich in divinely inspired truth.

LOVE springs from SPIRIT. FEAR springs from EGO. Forgiveness and compassion are the antidotes when SPIRIT is applied to EGO/Shadow/Self, and LOVE is applied to FEAR.


This assumes one has some understanding for the six key players in the matrix.


  1. LOVE is acceptance and holding dear – to value without condition. LOVE is created or flows from SPIRIT and therefore is of the TRUTH.

  2. SPIRIT is the accepted source of LOVE.

  3. FEAR is denial, rejection, and loathing based on judgment, projection, and conditional response.

  4. EGO represents all that is created out of FEAR and therefore has no basis in TRUTH. 

  5. FORGIVENESS expresses LOVE in and to the face of FEAR.

  6. COMPASSION is the gentle revealing of TRUTH to the UNTRUTH.



Here’s how this looks when viewed slowly:


It is said “The TRUTH will set you FREE” and “To thy own self be true”.  So, it is the pursuit of truth that provides the key to the lock of generational behavioral gridlock within global societies and then down to cultures, families, tribes, and finally individuals. Of course, the key turns in the lock when this chain is reversed starting with the opening of the heart of the individual that opens the tribe, culture, and finally society in general.


One further caveat is the recognition and acceptance of the phrase “To each his own” which says we allow for others to differ from us and accept these differences without condition as long as they accept our beliefs in a similar fashion – the way of civilized society.


This discussion is aimed at helping to see the futility of many old assumptions and the toxic nature of these long held beliefs in the face of our awakening society by virtue of technology – now, for the first time, we have the opportunity to cross old worn out boundaries that define us as different in favor of finding and revering the similarities which bind us as one with another and with species to species, and with this world and others clearly visible and invisible – leading us to a most profound answer to the key questions and their relatives:


How far out does it go? How far in does it go? If one offers even a non-linear answer to these two, then what’s the answer to “What is beyond that dimension or boundary?” The answer must be, with all due humility and wonder, I/WE DO NOT KNOW. Not really, not for sure, not even maybe for sure, we don’t know. 


It’s important to quickly follow up this answer with the acceptance of “And that’s OK." It is OK not to really know how far out it goes into Space as we think we know it – even as we dream about what we might know about it. No, we just don’t know these answers. But, then in honor of the transformational nature of Forgiveness, we can bring compassion to ourselves with the acceptance of “It is OK that we really don’t know the answers to these questions”.  And, perhaps humility will allow “We are not capable of knowing and understanding the meets and bounds of what we call the Universe, God, Spirit, or Higher Power."


Here, we are faced with the difference between Faith and Belief. Faith is a state of acceptance of what is, and what is not, along with an infinite number of variations of accepting the unknown. Belief is more centered in honoring and/or holding to some principle or idea that is rooted in the conditional nature of ego/fear driven thinking.


We also need to remember the sequence of human awareness: We first think, then feel, then say/express, and finally act or do something. When we think first, thus avoiding the essential nature of feeling first, we manifest innumerable forms of escape and diversion, thus avoiding the first and most powerful indicator of true human emotion, to feel, and the subsequent expression/communication and follow-up action.


The emotional barometer is first registered as a feeling and, though it can easily be tricked into feeling something that is not true, always feels the essential pure truth. The real trick is to see the cloudy subterfuge of conditional thinking, i.e. judgment and projection which seek to obscure this essential pure truth of being. This sequence becomes progressively habitual from our earliest days and months of life and learning the coping skills of survival.

These are tactics and strategies designed to divert our attention away from our own shortcomings and in the case of projection, to shine the light of consciousness of one’s own “less than” state of emotional awareness  onto another in hopes of transferring the judgment of ourselves and others away from us towards the presence of others – cynically, the “real less than’s”.


Another word crops up about now, when the going starts to get bumpy and fearful. The word “complex” creeps in to once again blow smoke across the life stage in an effort to divert us from seeing, in our mind’s eye, the truth, and staying with the initial and essential feeling which is trying to move us away with fear-driven tactics and strategies. Complexity then becomes a shield used to protect from the assumed unendurable pain and suffering that will ensue if we continue to be with the feeling(s) ongoing.


The paradox lies in the fact that the deeper we go into our feelings, the lighter we become emotionally. This quest for deeper isn’t about dwelling and rolling in the mud of hopelessness and betrayal/abandonment. It’s about having faith in the process of going deeper into the darkness of painful feelings armed with an arsenal of tools that will and do protect even the most grievous “sinner”.  And that word brings to mind two more versions of Fear called Guilt and Shame. Shall we?


Guilt can be seen as what is happening now and/or about to happen while Shame is about what has already taken place. Both are Fear-based and therefore false – having no basis in Truth. Guilt is passed around like fruitcakes at Holiday time to those looking to pass along their feelings of shame, remorse, and suffering. Judgment mixed with Projection rules the day of self-induced torment of Betrayal and Abandonment. Betrayal and abandonment of themselves and then others close by – no one is safe.

Judgment and projection are the delivery systems used when one person holds another in contempt, guilt, and/or shame.  Judgments are formed from seeds of fear rising from crops of jealousy, greed, vengeance, and a host of other fearful responses to the essential feeling that the subject in the equation is not getting what he/she wants from the object.


Projections are usually a bit more involved and less direct – they are the subjects’ feeling of lack/less than/imperfection they then project onto their objects’ personhood/face – like a movie projector aimed at the screen/face. Both judgment and projection deliver devastating blows to the recipient since they haven’t learned to discern when these cruise missiles are coming or from where. The sender is temporarily lifted above the recipient before the latter either 1) sucks it up and takes it or decides to 2) fight back or 3) go underground and run away. These, by the way, are the three-principle human reactive behavior patterns.


This is where Faith comes into play as it has since the beginning of time. When our forefathers and mothers wondered about these same issues, they offered up what to them was the best and closest truth they knew, given their precarious footing on the Earth in the first place. They looked around and for a long time regarded Nature as the divine source and found ways to worship, fear, and adore the cyclical flow of the seasons and the challenges and triumphs that came along.


Faith can be expressed in a variety of ways, but here are some important guidelines and helpful techniques, again, making living simpler and more enjoyable.


1) First, understand that faith is an abiding feeling of connection with the unknown and unknowable. We attempt to loosen our grip on concrete facts, figures, structures, stories, guides, knowing’s*, and other forms based in fear. Our focus is in the paradox of non-focus, leading us to our heart song – the little voice inside which defines the total essence of ourselves within the cosmos of the unknown.


2) There are many voices within us stemming from the Core Self – the one without voice, but with unfathomable feeling of immersion into the state called bliss – peace – love – joy – home. The Core Self is pure Spirit, perfection, completeness not touched or molded by fear/ego and is impervious to all forces except Spirit driven Love.  From the Core Self comes the feeling of comfortable connection to the unknown while folding our all into the loving acceptance of fear/ego.


Then as societies and cultures took shape they could see that being together could ease their loads of survival and make it easier to get along on a local basis. Families were formed and then they found themselves bound into tribes, cultures, and societies. With each movement toward affinity, it became necessary for leaders to lead and followers to follow.


To establish rudimentary rules and expectations came next along with a growing separation of the powerful and the impoverished.  It even became possible for a select few to gain spiritual dominion over others and to take and wield power in an ever growing spiral of abuse and deception – the Ponzi game of the ancients – the priests would dole out the acceptances of an imagined deity in return for fealty and alms, the later always exceeding the amount of the dole, and on and on.


And so, it was, our forbearers were locked into the proposition that everyone was different and the is principle became the basis for FEAR to gain leverage over the TRUTH. However, if we are not, then so what? Is it not more loving to accept everything as it is than to depart into the fear based thinking and behavior that They are different from us and therefore we need to conquer them before they conquer us. Of course it is, but the rub is that They didn’t get the memo. "Bend all swords, every last one of them, and the ones hiding in the well, into plowshares and reap the harvest of one people, one country, one world, one universe, one unknown – where the freedom lies without condition or limitation."


Fact is, we didn’t get the memo either. And so it goes, fear trumping love even in the closest of families and tribes. So, what to do?


The way out is the way in. We must take ourselves to school and begin to learn the way of the world around us – the way that is unfettered with dogma, agendas, power, even beliefs. We must see that Pogo was right, “We have met the enemy, and he is us”. We must find a way to bootstrap ourselves out of our fear based thinking, feeling, saying, and doing in favor of love based thinking, feeling, saying, and doing.


There is a path and it has been trod by many for many ages, but it is one against many who offer the easier softer way, the way to enlightenment LITE. However, the immediate often tentative rewards can be the embers waiting for a little whisper to fan them into a smoky little flame which when added to the existing small pile of enlightenment tinder left from the courageous ones further on up the path, then is fanned into a larger flame bursting into a fire which eventually can be nurtured into a blaze bursting into a full blown tornado of sweet smelling love burning from the inexhaustible fuel source of the Truth found in Love, kept close by to the fear in order that the latter can find its way out into the essence, finally lifted of the gut wrenching varieties including: bigotry, jealousy, hatred, anger, rage, shame, anxiety, guilt, stubbornness, judgment, projection, et al.


Yes, it’s a tall order or thing beheld, but here’s the hidden truth that sets us all free from our willy nilly path of personal and global destruction:


We are innocent of all charges! In light of the massive weight of world fear, who could not waiver and run away from the madness and calamity of our world, now and before. Those who would charge us with being weak, without conviction, without sand in our guts, without discipline (the almighty conviction of the truly insane), are living in special forms of madness and fear where there is no light accept from the hearts of the downtrodden who couldn’t turn off their heart lights even if they wanted to, even to survive the next attack from the living dead – the disciplined.


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